Do I need to have a lawn for the stork signs?

We love installing our stork signs to help you celebrate your special occasion. Please keep in mind that we can only install our baby stork signs on traditional residential lawns with unobstructed soil and grass. Unfortunately, we cannot install signs in rocks, pea gravel, concrete, mulch, flower beds, raised beds, garden pots, thick landscaping, or hard-packed soil that has been used as a driveway. Safety is our top priority, so we must drive the stake into the ground 10 inches to properly install the sign. We also cannot install signs in front of public utility boxes, water mains, or any other structures owned by the city, county, or state. We don’t want to impede access to these areas or face fines or have our signs destroyed because they are impeding the area.

How early should I reserve a stork?

We’re thrilled that you’re considering our signs for your special occasion. To reserve a sign, we kindly ask that you schedule it ahead of time for the expected birth or event. In the case of regular delivery, please give us a call as soon as the baby arrives, and we’ll do our best to have the stork set up in the yard before the new family comes home. We usually deliver within 48 hours of your call. If you’ve already submitted a form on our website, we’ll reach out to you for payment and to confirm your order. If you haven’t heard back from us yet, please give us a ring at 252-943-5596. We deliver every day from 4 PM to 8 PM and can’t wait to hear from you!

How long can I rent the Stork Sign for?

Looking for a unique way to celebrate your new bundle of joy or grandbaby? Look no further than our stork rental service! Our adorable stork signs are the perfect addition to any front yard, announcing your baby’s arrival to the world. For birth announcements, you can rent the sign for a whole week, giving you plenty of time to show off your precious bundle. And for events, our stork signs are available to rent for a day, adding a touch of charm and whimsy to any celebration. Contact us today to learn more about how you can rent a stork yard sign for your little one! Email: info@signedstorkeddelivered.com or Call or Text: 252-943-5596

Under what circumstances do you cancel an order?

We kindly remind our customers that payment needs to be made at least 48 hours before the stork delivery date to avoid cancellation. We will reach out to you via call, text, or email to remind you of the payment deadline before we cancel the order. Email: info@signedstorkeddelivered.com or Call or Text: 252-943-5596

What is your refund policy?

We want to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your stork or birthday sign rental from us. If we’re not able to fulfill your request as you’ve specified, we will issue a full refund. Please note that any last-minute requests require a 48-hour window to fulfill if they weren’t discussed at the time of booking.

We’re happy to offer a full refund under the following circumstances:

  • You cancel your rental at least 48 hours in advance
  • Extreme weather conditions prevent us from setting up your sign

Please note that we won’t be able to offer a refund in the following cases:

  • We’re unable to enter a gated community due to an incorrect or non-working gate code or if the security guard refuses to grant us access.
  • The recipient or homeowner doesn’t allow us to set up the sign or request early pick-up before the end of the rental period.
  • If there are any threatening animals on the property that refuse to let us enter or set up the sign.
  • If the location doesn’t have a traditional lawn, which we define as a wide expanse of unobstructed soil with grass on top.

How do I place my order? How do I pay for your service?

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of our adorable stork signs for your new bundle of joy, there are a few ways to get in touch with us! You can fill out our form online, give us a call, send us a text message at 252-943-5596, or shoot us an email at info@signedstorkeddelivered.com . Once we have all the juicy details about your little one, we’ll be happy to take your payment over the phone. Keep in mind that we’ll need full payment before we can reserve the sign for you, so don’t forget to take care of that before the delivery day!

What is your service area?

We rent birth announcement yard signs for your front yard in Beaufort County: Aurora, Bath, Belhaven, Chocowinity, Pantego, Washington, Pitt County: Greenville, Grimesland, Simpson, Winterville, Bell Arthur, Farmville, Bethel, Belvoir, Ayden, Falkland, Fountain, Martin County: Williamston, Jamesville, Robersonville, Bear Grass.

How much does the birth announcement yard sign cost? Will there be a delivery fee?

We’re thrilled to offer our stork signs for your baby’s big announcement at just $100, and each sign includes a personalized bundle that you can keep after the rental period is over. If you live within 20 miles of our Washington, NC base address, we deliver free of cost, but if you’re further than that, we charge a delivery fee. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with delivery, setup, and pickup of the stork sign! Plus, you get to keep all the personalized bundles and other signs as cherished keepsakes. Email: info@signedstorkeddelivered.com or Call or Text: 252-943-5596

How much are sibling/message stars/dog bones and cat signs?

You can add adorable sibling star signs, message signs, dog bones, or cat signs to your stork rental for just $30 each. These signs can be personalized with your own message and make a great addition to your stork rental. They are also left behind as keepsakes for the family to cherish. With pink or blue options, you can make sure all family members feel included in the celebration of your new arrival. Contact us today for more information on renting a stork yard sign and adding additional signs to your rental. We can’t wait to help you celebrate! Email: info@signedstorkeddelivered.com or Call or Text: 252-943-5596

What service do you offer for twins, triplets, and quadruplets?

If you’re expecting twins or triplets, don’t worry! We have got you covered. We offer separate stork signs for each baby, so you can proudly display their details to the world. Each bundle comes with personalized details of each baby, making it easy for everyone to know who’s who. Contact us for more information on renting our stork signs for multiple births. Email: info@signedstorkeddelivered.com or Call or Text: 252-943-5596

What Signs do you offer for proud grandparents?

Welcoming a new grandbaby is such an exciting time for any family! That’s why we offer stork signs for proud grandparents too. With our stork signs, grandparents can share their joy and excitement with their community. We offer stork signs with personalized bundles for $80 for a rental period of 7 days. Our personalized bundles are left behind as keepsakes for the grandparents to cherish when we pick up the storks. Contact us today to learn more about our stork sign rental options for grandparents! Email: info@signedstorkeddelivered.com or Call or Text: 252-943-5596

Where will you install the new baby sign in the yard?

At Signed! Storked! Delivered!, we want to make sure you are happy with the placement of your stork yard sign. Our goal is to stake the sign in the front yard in a location that is visible from the road and provides a beautiful backdrop for those precious family photos. If you have a specific spot in mind, just let us know ahead of time, and we will do everything we can to fulfill your request. We want to make sure that your stork sign is the perfect addition to your celebration!